Following the great success, here we go again... Live! 

Get ready to learn some valuable insights from Margot Paz in this fascinating workshop designed to be an interactive learning experience where participants actively engage with the content and each other. 
Margot will share with us the five crucial steps to developing cultural intelligence and explain that to truly comprehend Israeli culture, one must explore the three foundational values that shape it - communication, hierarchy, and confrontation style. Margot will delve deep into how these values influence workplace dynamics, affect the way we interact with others and our effectiveness as volunteers. 

Instead of simply listening passively, participants will be encouraged to actively explore and share their own experiences and challenges allowing to deepen their understanding and foster a collaborative learning environment where participants can learn from each other's perspectives and gain practical insights.
Few people have more experience with Cross-Cultural Consulting and Training than Margot Paz. For over 30 years, Margot has conducted Cross-Cultural workshops at global companies in more than 35 countries. Margot is one of the world’s foremost authorities on improving communications with colleagues and customers from different cultures and successfully overcoming cultural gaps.

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