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In recent years, there's been a revival of interest in Golda Meir, both in the US and in Israel. As an immigrant who came from the US to Israel, her image symbolizes very different – sometimes even opposing ideas in Israel and in the US. After many decades of deliberate disregarding her term of office as a prime minister her legacy as a state’s woman and labor minister is being re-examined and gaining recognition. Furthermore, in contemporary pop culture her figure appears frequently, suggesting a new role model in a gender aware society. In this Lecture we willexplore Golda’s political legacy as of the one of the only woman diplomats at the time and her relevance to today's popular culture.
Learn practical tools for yourselves, and to teach your children, for handling stress and anger in your daily life & especially now. Develop your and your children’s coping mechanisms to get you through tough times.
Sara Silber is a native New Yorker who came to Israel at age 18 to study at Hebrew University. She is bilingual & was trained in Israel & the USA. Sara is an Educational Psychologist Specialist, Certified Family and marriage Therapist, Business & Family Mediator, Collaborative (no court) Divorce practitioner (child specialist).
IsraAID brings aid to global crises, and now the crisis is at home...
Join us for an overview of the humanitarian situation. They are partnering with local & civil society organizations to coordinate humanitarian efforts, provide psychosocial support & deliver urgent aid to vulnerable communities, evacuees & their families.
In 2010, rumors in the information security world told of a new type of malware capable of defeating any firewall and evading antivirus software. And despite the rumors, no one has yet come across such sophisticated and dangerous malware. Then Stuxnet appeared, a virtual 'worm' that caused heavy damage to the Iranian uranium enrichment plant and shocked the experts. Stuxnet was not 'just' the most sophisticated malware in history - it was an entirely new type of weapon, ushering in a new era: the era of cyberwarfare.
Ran Levi is an author, a podcaster, and an engineer. He hosts two successful podcasts - 'Making History' (in Hebrew) and 'Malicious Life' (English), author of three popular science books, and gives talks about AI and Cybersecurity.
Miriam Hartman, a prominent musician, joined the Israel Philharmonic in 1984. She's excelled academically, earning degrees from Yale and Juilliard. A viola virtuoso, she's studied with renowned instructors and performed globally.
Miriam's career includes solo performances with prestigious orchestras and collaborations with top musicians. She's an active educator, participating in music outreach programs. She's also involved in educational initiatives and serves on the boards of SIGNAL and Academic Leadership. Her music can be enjoyed on labels like Koch, RCA, and Decca, solidifying her place in classical music history.
TEENS - You are important to us! 
We want to help you learn how to manage the stress we are all feeling now.
At this Zoom workshop, geared for teens, you will learn practical tools for handling stress and anger in your daily life & especially now. Develop effective coping mechanisms to help get you through tough times.
The New Barbizon Group, composed of Israeli artists of Soviet descent, brings a unique perspective to the forefront. They intricately explore issues of immigration, identity, and cultural integration in their work, shedding light on the experiences of those who have navigated complex journeys to make Israel their home. Through painting, these artists challenge traditional norms, offering a fresh and thought-provoking take on these important societal issues.
Why do we have a good feeling about a certain decision and a bad feeling about another? If we could make emotionless decisions, would they necessarily be more correct for us? We tend to describe ourselves as rational people who act from cost-benefit considerations. However, our degree of control over decisions is little to zero. Studies done in recent years show that eighty percent of our decisions are made without conscious control. These unconscious processes are controlled by emotion to a greater extent than we would like to admit. What is the place of emotion in making the decision? Can we trust our feelings? The lecture will allow a glimpse of what is happening in our minds and an understanding of the unconscious elements that direct our decisions.
Dr. Liraz Margalit did her doctoral research in psychology, specializing in decision-making, behavior change, and shaping habits, lecturing at conferences in Israel and worldwide. In the last ten years, she has worked with world-renowned brands in Israel and abroad while also having the opportunity to support startups from the first product stages. She has a regular column in the international magazine Psychology. Today, in the business magazine Entrepreneur and, of course, in The Marker.
Gerry Leisman is a Full Professor and Research Fellow at the University of Haifa in Israel and concurrently Professor of Restorative Neurology at the University of Medical Sciences in Havana, Cuba.

His research explores the connection between movement and cognition in developmental stages. He identified brain disconnectivities and holds expertise in Forensic Sciences for international security. Dr. Leisman is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK) and the Association for Psychological Sciences, with senior membership in the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association for Functional Neurology & Rehabilitation and is involved in countering the academic boycott of Israel.
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