Dear friends and partners,
We are in the midst of one of the most difficult times for both Jewish and Arab societies in Israel. Sadness, loss, and worry, alongside actions of hope and inspiring solidarity touch us all. These days the power of words seems limited, and we feel it is our responsibility now to extend our hand, provide some solace and offer support. In this newsletter we want to share glimpses of our recent activities and engagements, driven by the genuine belief that better days lie ahead. We believe that if we work hard enough together, we can create a better future.    

In recent weeks we modified our educational programs in order to adapt them to the current situation, while better addressing the acute need for true, open discussions and a ventilation channel. Several sessions have already been conducted with the revised outline, and the students’ feedback shows us this is the right approach for the time being. Their willingness to participate openly and honestly is a light at the end of the tunnel.     
Our devoted multi-cultural team accompanied by a medical clown from our team, visited Jewish & Arab hospitalized children, cheering them up, offering them some comfort and joy. And sweets too 😊
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“We cannot afford not to go on and not to educate our children to practice a shared society”. These inspirational words by a school principal are not to be taken for granted. They were said during an important and inspiring conference we held, with a zoom presence of over 20 Jewish and Arab school principals and lead educational team members, from across the country. 
We discussed our approach, the sensitivity and flexibility required today when addressing the students’ needs, as well as the importance of appropriate preparation towards multi-cultural encounters. We are grateful for the school partners we have, and the honest and open dialogue where we can all share challenges alongside hopes. This strengthens our confidence and commitment to keep building a shared society in Israel. 
Our team took part in another solidarity initiative, volunteering for an agriculturist who was left without his workers - the Israeli workers were drafted for reserve duty, the Thai workers escaped back home, and the Palestinian workers are currently not allowed to enter Israel. Harvest season does not wait, so our multi-cultural team volunteered to help with the mission. It felt good to be a part of it all.

These days our work is more challenging and more important than ever, and we need your support on the road to reconstruction and reconciliation in Israel. It is our duty to keep educating students – the leaders of the future generation - the importance of building & practicing a shared society.
Yours faithfully, yearning for days of tranquility, peace, friendship, and solidarity – and the safe return of the hostages.
    The 'A New Way' team
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