Mix Business and Pleasure!

Come alone, with a partner, or friends, to have fun, expand your business or social network, broaden your interests, or maybe just sit back and unwind. 
Prepare yourself for an electrifying experience with the brand-new Think & Drink Different Series, brought to you in an epic collaboration with the Tel Aviv Municipality!

We eagerly anticipate igniting your curiosity and having you accompany us on a journey that will change the way you think and entertain yourself.

Think & Drink Different Series is the ultimate rendezvous for those who crave a vibrant and intellectually stimulating escape from the mundane. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where drinking and thinking collide in the most thrilling way imaginable!

The excitement will kick off on 2 July 20:00 at the stunning Selina Tel Aviv Beach Hotel, where we'll be hosting Ran Levi who will talk to us about how the artificial world has undergone a tremendous revolution in the last five years, and what seemed like science fiction a decade ago - from facial recognition to autonomous driving - is an everyday reality. What does the artificial intelligence revolution mean? What are the ideas and principles behind it, and most importantly - how will it affect our lives in the near future?
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