Get ready for an incredible evening of networking, food, drinks, and inspiration at "Get it Right @ Happy Hour Jerusalem"!

We've gathered three amazing venues filled with successful olim who will share their knowledge and offer special deals for the event. Join us for personal and professional networking while showing support for our fellow olim.

The evening kicks off with insightful talks from the venue owners, followed by a lively atmosphere of conversation, laughter, and delectable snacks and drinks. Don't miss out!

Let's get inspired together! 
Cost: NIS 20 

Here's a glimpse of our venues:

Infused JLM:
Diana and her husband Maor met on a birthright trip and soon after moved to new Orleans. Where Maor opened a seasonal shop called Infused NOLA. After 6 months of running Infused NOLA, they make aliyah and are now celebrating their 3rd aliyah anniversary! Right when the government opened up after corona, they opened Infused JLM!

Quesadillas Ascencio:
Eliahu and Jana made aliyah 4 and a half years ago and opened their first restaurant in Israel with great enthusiasm. It was not easy as they neither had the language nor the knowledge about permits and the Israeli bureaucracy and later came the COVID pandemic, but they were able to overcome the difficulties. They came to Israel full of dreams and step by step they are fulfilling them!

Power Coffeeworks:
Brandon and Stephanie made aliyah 7 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa and opened Power Coffeeworks on their one year Aliyahanniversary. Their business has survived Israel bureaucracy, cursed properties, a pandemic and general Jerusalem madness, and they are still here to tell the tale 6 years later providing the best coffee to their customers in the whole middle east.

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