Dear ESRA Family
From October 7th until today, ESRA has engaged 11,317 English speakers with activities and services and provided 203 families affected by the war with an emergency lifeline of NIS 206,000. 
In addition, over 1,000 trained ESRA volunteers continue to be active in the community, helping the evacuees with the difficulties of the day-to-day tasks. This includes our 400 Education and Teacher Support, who go to hotels and evacuation centers, help children learn English, and hold enrichment and relief activities while providing online curriculum-based programs for children learning from home. 
To respond promptly and effectively, we reallocated resources, adapted online platforms, strengthened our teams, and provided them with pedagogical workshops and specialized training led by psychoanalysts and mentors.
We care about providing our remarkable ESRA volunteers with the support needed to continue making a difference. We kindly request that our volunteers answer a few brief questions here to ensure we do so. 

We encourage you to benefit from our daily online events and activities for the whole family. You can stay tuned, gain tools for relief, and navigate your personal and business growth. Click here.

“Over the past month, you have provided support and financial assistance to many olim, enabling them to purchase food, pay rent, purchase medications, etc. Thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your support. May you go from strength to strength and continue with your blessed, good deeds.” Racheli Shmuel Saban, Social Worker, 'Klita Mitiva' Project Ashdod-Ashkelon Region

Every one of our supporters, volunteers, and staff plays an important role in the ESRA War Effort. Thank you! 

Shabbat Shalom,

Nella Feldsher, ESRA Chair                
Sunny Marshansky, ESRA CEO

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