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Dr. Judah Koller is a clinical psychologist and an assistant professor in clinical child/school psychology and special education at Hebrew University's Seymour Fox School of Education. He chairs the graduate program in Special Education. Judah completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Yale Child Study Center and earned his doctorate from Ferkauf Graduate School for Psychology at Yeshiva University. Dr. Koller has worked with children and families with special needs for 15 years, focusing on early autism identification in young children and efficient support mechanisms for them and their parents.
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Ze'ev Ronen, B.Sc., is a highly experienced CEO and consultant known for rejuvenating businesses and enhancing profitability. With two decades of leadership, including roles at Nestle and Shamir Optical Industries, he excels in international standards, marketing, and managing large-scale manufacturing systems. Ze'ev has a successful track record expanding businesses in the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan, with expertise in finance, strategy, operations, marketing, and various industries.
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Art, Food & Enrichment 
Explore the origins and evolution of the universe, its future, and our methods of discovery. Delve into how humanity's perception of the universe has evolved from ancient times to the present. Join us for a clear and accessible discussion, suitable for individuals with or without a scientific background.
Ami Steiner, holds a partial PhD in History and Philosophy of Science and is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Nobel Prize Laureates Association for Excellence in Education. His diverse career spans roles as a lecturer, advisor, and executive in prominent organizations such as Google Israel and Sonova Israel. Notable figures, including Nobel Laureates and academic leaders, have endorsed his work.
Ilya and Emilia Kabakov worked together as a pair of artists from their home in Long Island, New York from 1989 until Ilya's death in May 2023 at the age of 89. They are primarily known for their ambitious and immersive installations—"autonomous tableaux" placed within museum exhibition spaces, consisting of architectural elements and paintings. These installations are highly evocative, engaging the visitors visually and aurally, providing a direct and unmediated encounter with an alternate reality, largely drawn from everyday life in the post-Stalinist Soviet Union.
The lecture will cover the recent exhibition "Tomorrow We Fly," which explores the political, cultural, and generational contexts of art and its ability to contribute to change, especially in times of crisis. In the current global climate, and particularly in Israel, it clarifies the power of art to transcend the boundaries of the museum through imagination.
ESRA Family Fun Time!
A fascinating tour deep into the sea to explore the unique animals that are typical and critical to the health of the coastal sandy ecosystem. Learn about the flora and fauna typical of the Israeli coastline and understand the tension between the need to conserve nature and the pressures to develop human infrastructures. For children aged 6-15. 
Chef Aviv Regev has spent over 27 years working in a variety of demanding high-end restaurants and private chef environments, starting as a line cook and climbing his way up to senior executive chef positions in some of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv, London, New York City, New Orleans, and California.
While his formal culinary education is in Classical French cuisine, he also specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. His cooking style is farm-to-table, as he believes that the food should speak for itself and that every ingredient should be handled with care and respect. Together, we will work on two dairy courses. Instructions will be sent following registration.
The painter Roni Taharlev maintains a longstanding, intimate dialogue with the human body, and especially with the female body. She explores its various aspects and engages in an in-depth study of its different dimensions, while building on her deep knowledge of the history of art from ancient Roman and Byzantine art to Renaissance, Modern and Contemporary art.
Taharlev’s multilayered oeuvre tells a story in which what is concealed remains greater than what is revealed.
A unique opportunity to hear about the exhibition from the artist herself.
Stay Tuned
ESRA, Telfed, and AACI - have come together to provide you with relevant and reliable information about the war with weekly updates from an official IDF Spokesperson, Public Diplomacy Office, Israel Defense Forces.
Oren Helman holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University. He has held key roles, including serving as a spokesman, assistant to the Finance Minister, and CEO of the Government Press Office. Oren is actively involved in various committees and initiatives, including serving as the Chairman of the Auditing Committee of the National Coal Supply Corporation and actively participating in initiatives aimed at integrating the handicapped in the IEC and society.
Haim Allouche is the founder of the International Exhibition for Agriculture and Agro-Technology, Agritech. He is the CEO and founder of the Israeli company "Mashov Group," specializing in green economics and organizing local and international exhibitions and conferences in agriculture, environmental quality, and more. He established the newspapers "Mashov Agriculture" and "Green Gardens," the Israel Agriculture Conference, and the international exhibition Cleantech. Haim is also a member of the Israeli Cleantech Branch Management at the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce.
Dr. Omri Eilat is a historian specializing in Modern Turkey and the Arabic-speaking Middle East during the late Ottoman period. His research includes topics such as entrepreneurship in late Ottoman Syria and Turkey's tourism industry. He completed his PhD at Tel-Aviv University and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Middle East and Islamic Studies Department and the Haifa Marine Strategy Research Institute, where he continues his research on the history of Modern Turkey and Greater Syria in the Ottoman period.
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