Dear ESRA Family
We hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe.
The whole ESRA Family is working tirelessly to help survivors and victims’ families during this horrific time with an emergency lifeline and hope. Thanks to your ongoing support, our Welfare Emergency Fund is providing financial first aid, within 72 hours, directly to families in need, mainly referred to us by municipal Welfare Departments and the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration. So far, 41 families received a total of NIS 110,000.

ESRA’s Students Build a Community (SBC) project has joined the war effort! Those students who have not been recruited into the IDF received professional training focused on bolstering emotional resilience, coping tools, and suggested activities for the children they mentor.
At the ESRA SBC in South Tel-Aviv, students volunteered to work with children evacuated from the south and are now hosted in hotels. ESRA SBC in Netanya students are continuing to work with their groups of schoolchildren, preparing community activities for the whole family. Most of the students from the ESRA SBC in Akko have been recruited - those who remain run morning Zoom sessions for schoolchildren as part of the school curriculum. The children also prepared and sent letters to our soldiers in the south.
This week, 2,890 English speakers engaged, free of charge, in ESRA activities and services, including:   
* Personal Support: 734 advanced age English speakers received a phone call from trained ESRA volunteers, to help combat loneliness and assess how we can assist them, while our social workers work toward strengthening peoples’ resilience. 
* Information hotline: Our 24/7 emergency line provided 36 English speakers with vital information and guidance to help them understand more clearly and positively what to do, reducing tension and increasing knowledge. 
* Daily activities with top professionals: 866 benefited from online events and activities for the whole family, to stay tuned, gain relevant knowledge, relief, and enrichment. 
* Volunteering: Over 1,000 ESRA volunteers made a meaningful impact through programs like English tutoring, personal support, Israeli advocacy, aid packages for those in need, knitting hats for our lone soldiers and much more.
With appreciation and love to our expanding English-speaking ESRA family, we send you all strength and courage.

Shabbat Shalom,

Nella Feldsher, ESRA Chair 
​Sunny Marshansky, ESRA CEO
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