Mix Business and Pleasure!

Come alone, with a partner, or friends, to have fun, expand your business or social network, broaden your interests, or maybe just sit back and unwind. 

The Think & Drink Different Series is an epic collaboration between ESRA and the Tel Aviv Municipality and is the ultimate rendezvous for those who crave a vibrant and intellectually stimulating escape from the mundane. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where drinking and thinking collide in the most thrilling way imaginable!

Join us at the stunning Selina Tel Aviv Beach Hotel where we will learn how to invest in the capital market in the simplest but also the most profitable way, using index-tracking ETFs. We will learn how it can be that passive investments in the capital market have been proven, research-wise, to be more profitable than active and professional investors, and how each and every one can (and should) start today.

Tamir Mandowsky has been investing in the capital market and real estate for many years. He worked for years in the Israeli security system, and then as a fraud investigator in the fintech industry.
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