Get it Right @ Happy Hour is coming your way and our first evening will start at Mike's Place (33 Jaffa Rd) and continue across the street to HaGoren Bar which specializes in Israeli-made products.

Join us for some personal and professional networking while supporting our fellow oleh Reuben Beiser at his fabulous venues.
The first part of the evening will be dedicated to seeing his businesses and hearing his story and then it's all chatting, laughs, snacks and drinks.

Let's get inspired together! 
Cost: NIS 20 

Here's a glimpse at Reuben Beiser's story:
Reuben Beiser made Aliya in 1991 from Providence, RI, USA following his graduation from Brown University. He first worked as a carpenter and then matriculated into the Bezalel Academy's department of Architecture. Reuben married a 7th generation Israeli woman and together they have 3 children. Reuben was fortunate to have worked on such prominent Jerusalem projects as Route Begin, Bet HaKerem Park, Hadassah Hospital, Keshet School and Nahlaot Villas among others. He is currently assistant on-site architect at the Museum of Tolerance project on Hillel St. In 2009, his regular watering hole and Jerusalem landmark Mike's Place closed. Recognizing the need for well-managed and tourist friendly night-life venues, Reuben partnered with Udi Kaniel to reopen Mike's Place as a Kosher Bar & Grill in 2010. In the 12 years that have followed, Mike's Place has thrived as a home away from home for tourists and of course, other new immigrants.
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