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 Vol.15 - January 19, 2021
AKIM Israel

Our achievements in 2020
590 Akim members and 200 staff members were vaccinated against Corona Virus as part of the "Magen Avot Ve Emaot" (Fathers and Mathers Protector) vaccination campaign, hoping to put an end to the epidemic that changed our lives!
7 new Akim apartments in the community were opened in Kfar Saba, Karmiel, Yavne, and Rehovot.
25 self-advocacy groups of people with intellectual disabilities operated across the country under Corona’s limitations.
19,080 people with intellectual disabilities were treated this year in the Akim dentistry system.
180 young men and women with intellectual disabilities are serving in the army as part of Akim's program "Equals in uniform," one of whom, Sergent Zohar Siluk, was even elected as the outstanding soldier for the President Award.
1000 activities took place within the framework of the Akims Digital Club. The largest peak activity was attended by 300 people at the same time!
280 people with intellectual disabilities integrated into the free market - Akim is a leader with a 76% success rate in combining employment and job retention during the Corona period!
23 male and female students study in the Musequality program of Akim and Bar Ilan University (Academic Training in Music for people with intellectual disabilities). This year, the program received a certificate of appreciation from the Minister of Welfare.
3 new Akim websites launched this year - in Hebrew, English and Arabic!
279 iPads were donated to families in the community in collaboration with the management of Akim branches and local welfare departments during the closure period
300 Akim families received accelerated assistance due to the corona, from the Akim Foundation
650 inquiries to Akim's "Parents for Parents" helpline regarding the Corona received a response from the line's volunteers, branches, and the Akim Exercise Rights Department.
Akim received a Letter of Appreciation from Zero Project for the museums accessibility project led by Akim in collaboration with Keren Shalem and the National Insurance Funds
2021 is the 70th year of Akim Israel!
We wish that this year will be a better, healthier, and happier year for everyone
And we have a special logo for this occasion:
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