What: 90 minutes Zoom session 
When: Wedensday 27/1/2021
TIme: 11:00-12:30 GMT+2​

Presentations are tools we use so often in the today's world: when pitching a startup, explaining a product, selling to a customer, etc.
Yet crafting a professional presentation is challenging – one needs to know how to convey the message, how to build the story right, and how to design it correctly (while most of us lack graphic skills…). Ultimately - this 'project' demands quite a lot of focus, energy, and time.
Let's learn how to build it correctly.
In a 90-minute Zoom session, we will get behind the scenes of building a winning presentation: How should we plan it? How to arrange the topics? How to design a slide efficiently and correctly, and how to captivate the audience and grab their attention. This (and more tips and tools) will be provided so you will have all the content needed to deploy on your next presentation and speaking opportunity.

Mr. Erez Gavish is an entrepreneur and designer. Over the years he has designed more than 700 presentations and worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and busines people on content, design and delivery of their presentations.

**Opens for researchers, academic and administrative staff only.