MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. would like to welcome everyone back from their summer vacation.
This newsletter will focus on our solutions for Naval Direction Finding systems.
As in all direction finding systems the naval DF systems are designed to detect radio signals and their location.
MTI develops DF antennas from 0.5 – 40 GHz providing 360° coverage with high accuracy (2°) utilizing several segments and arrays. 
The antenna systems are adapted for the harsh environmental conditions of naval applications including high tolerance to vibrations, salt spray and winds.
Our DF antenna systems are deployed in navies worldwide and have a long and proven track record.


MTI Wireless Edge has more than 40 years of experience in supplying antennas for both military and commercial applications from 100KHz to 90GHz.

MTI flat panel antenna range includes Station, Subscriber and Omni Directional antennas for

all broad and narrow band wireless applications in both licensed and unlicensed bands.

MTI military products include a wide range broadband, tactical and specialized communications antennas, antenna systems and DF arrays installed on numerous airborne, ground, naval and submarine platforms worldwide.


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