What: 90 minutes Zoom session
When: Thursday 17th of December
Time: 18:30 - 20:00 GMT+2
In today’s workplace, professionals don’t work alone, and rarely work with just one other person. More often, we are required to work in diverse, multidiscipline groups to strategize, design solutions, ideate, motivate, manage, and execute.

J. Richard Hackman pioneer work back in 1970s showed that what matters most in collaboration is not the personalities, attitudes, or behavioural styles of the team members. Instead, what teams need to thrive are certain ‘enabling conditions’: a compelling direction, a strong structure and a supportive context.

In this lecture, learners will analyse and evaluate their own experiences of leading and participating in teams and will relate them to industry & sports examples.

Dr. Maria Kartalou, hold Ph.D. in Toxicology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She worked for 10 years as a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group and is currently leading the organizational planning department of THENAMARIS (Ships Management). 

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