What: 2 sessions, 90 minutes each, via Zoom 
When: 2/2/2021, 4/2/2021
TIme: 12:00-13:30 (GMT+2​)

Developing Intercultural Intelligence - The Challenges of Global Communication with different Cultures
While globalization has made the business environment more complex, dynamic, competitive and challenging, the ability to function effectively in different cultural contexts, or in other words Cultural Intelligence (CQ), has never been more important for people working in a global environment.
In this 2 lectures, we will learn how to take the first steps in developing intercultural intelligence, awareness and increased understanding of the need to recognize cultural gaps in the business world. We will learn a number of effective tools that will help us to function, communicate and have better interactions with other cultures, all in order to bridge the cultural gap that exists between different cultures.

Among other things, we will learn:
  • What is cultural intelligence and how it developed
  • The steps to build cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • How cultures differ from each other
  • How to avoid mistakes that can lead to loss of trust and respect
  • Effective intercultural communication
  • Working with Asian cultures with an emphasis on China and India
  • Working with Western cultures with an emphasis on the US and Europe

Mr.Yair Paz, is a senior International Cross-Cultural Consultant and Lecturer, with years of experience working globally with clients from: Fortune 500 companies, high-tech companies, biotech, start-ups, pharmaceuticals, banks, defense industries, academic institutions and more. His work is done with organizations in Israel, USA, Europe, and Asia.

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