Victory! EAPPI Flees Hebron
After months during which Im Tirtzu has been continuously filming in Hebron to expose and disrupt the anti-Israel activities of EAPPI – the "Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel" run by the World Council of Churches – they announced this morning that they are leaving Hebron!

Prior to our efforts of 'filming the filmers' and 'shaming the shamers' who work against Israel, EAPPI members roamed Hebron and harassed the Jewish residents and IDF soldiers with impunity.

But once we began to film and release dozens of videos exposing their activities to the public (which were viewed hundreds of thousands of times), they began to cower away and abandon their anti-Israel activities.

In the announcement issued by the World Council of Churches, they stated that they are leaving Hebron because of "intensified harassment of WCC's program," and because the "accompaniers are currently prevented from fulfilling their role."

If by "harassment" they mean "exposing their anti-Israel activities to the public," then we plead, guilty as charged!

While we ousted EAPPI from Hebron, they continue to operate in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and other places in Israel. Help us continue our efforts to expose their anti-Israel activities:
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