Here comes the summer!

 Dear Friends and Supporters,
The summer vacation is here and we look back with pride and satisfaction at a wonderful year of accomplishments.
As partners in our work, your support has helped jumpstart our many programs, resulting in our many achievements.
Wishing you a splendid summer,
With gratitude and appreciation,
            Jeremiah Lubasch, MD                           Jacob Vizel 
              President & Founder                                 Director   
Amazing Results in Developmental Preschool
77% of our graduates will be learning in regular frameworks in the next school year. 14 pupils out of 18 will be joining their peers in regular classes.
Preschool children at a visit to the zoo.

 Mirit Levy, Director of Special Preschools shares: "This is an exciting outcome, and no doubt a result of the resources invested by the administration. Reinforcing the paramedical treatments, providing additional educational staff and improving the equipment goes a long way towards reaching positive results. The dedication of the staff is heartwarming, no pupil goes unnoticed and all this serves as a springboard for the pupils".

Project Bridging Gaps for Ethiopian Immigrant Pupils in 4 Haifa schools 
2 pupils participating in the project proudly showing off certificates of excellence
 Graduating with honors, these pupils received certificates of excellence. Thanks to Arugot's professional staff, children progressed in the areas of literacy, general classroom performance and emotional wellbeing. In light of the success of the project, which school principals and counselors praise year after year, we hope to continue this important work.
More activities in recently opened Afula Branch:
"Playing is not Child's-Play" was the topic of an exciting evening that took place at our newly opened second branch in Afula. Mothers spent an enjoyable evening listening to a lecture by Gail Suskin PhD, Arugot Therapy Department Co-coordinator, on the topic of "The Importance of Playing with One's Children". She emphasized the importance of both imaginative play and cognitive games. This was followed by interactive workshops run by a music therapist and an art therapist.
Expanding this project, we are establishing a paramedical department for occupational and speech therapies. We are purchasing equipment to make this possible. You too can be part of this new initiative and help more and more children benefit from our services.
Tax deductible donations in Israel, U.S.A, UK, & Canada – details on website
Visitors at Arugot
Bank Discount at Arugot
Mr. Vili Birenbaum, Bank Manager and Mr. Ariel Azougi, Deputy Manager of Beit Hakranot Branch in Haifa visited Arugot. They were both moved and impressed by the activities taking place, and offered their help in the form of a number of collaborative ventures. We appreciate their ongoing support of our preschools and their interest in our new branch in Afula.

Special Feature

You are invited to my exhibition!
During the last month of the school year, 20 art exhibitions took place in the Art Therapy department. 
Exhibition of one of the children participating in Art Therapy
Anat, Art Therapist & Clinical Social Worker describes the process: "Art Therapy is a creative method of expression used as a therapeutic technique. Children cannot always express their difficulties verbally, but by employing a range of visual arts, their feelings and thoughts come to a fore." The creations are kept throughout the year and at the end of the year an exhibition is set up. Children in therapy invite guests to their exhibition and then take all their art work home. In one family the exhibition was recreated at home for family members, friends and neighbors. Children proudly explain what lies behind each creation giving them a sense of achievement. Hours of work lie behind setting up these exhibitions, but nothing is too much for Anat who only has the benefit of "her" children in mind."
Training staff in new methods has always been a priority at Arugot.
Professional training course for paramedical staff with Malka Shamir – physiotherapist and occupational therapist who has developed a treatment model to help children with developmental delays in the area of sensory integration, balance, muscle tone, and more. The method is called: SPA – Sensorial Postual control Acquistion and is based on years of experience with working with special needs children. The course is both theoretical and practical providing participants new methods to work with children.
 Activities in Developmental Preschools
Sensory Diet
Sensory Diet is an approach used to enhance sensory integration using a range of interventions. In one preschool children start off the day imitating animals: crawling like cats, sliding like snakes, jumping like frogs and walking on all fours face up like spiders – all this contributes to their sense of self, helps them organize their bodies and calms them down. When they have to sit down they are able to concentrate and learning flows.
Nature Project in Preschools
Fun activities -  from seedlings to plants - give children a sense of achievement. Throughout the year, children followed the progress of their plants – planting, watering, nurturing and watching them flower and blossom. Note how excess water from the top plant waters the plant below.
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