Dear Friends,


This has not been an easy year. The endless ups, downs, changes, concerns – and yet an incredible sense and full confidence that the difficult times will pass. And they will.

At Beit Avi Chai, we are heartened by the many hundreds of participants from all over the world who take part in our programs daily. The children, families, youth and the general public who through the power of zoom and our digital events actively participate in a wide array of programs filled with Jewish thought and ideas.
Participation in these programs continues to grow and, in the coming year, Beit Avi Chai is dedicated to strengthen and expand our online activities, as well as our in-person events.
In the meantime, please do join us in celebrating the coming holiday period through the many programs listed below. Of special note are the upcoming English-language virtual tours of the Kotel; Ruth Wisse and Asael Abelman’s discussion of Chaim Grade’s master essay My Quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner; Rabbi Shai Finkelstein’s presentation of the timely lessons of Yom Kippur and Sefer Breishit, and much more.
For those fluent in Hebrew, there are an array of programs to choose from. Inter alia, they include the launch of Matti Friedman’s book on Leonard Cohen; discussions with Israeli authors, special video recordings, in partnership with the Israel Museum, on Jewish art that relates to the holidays; a new video program in time for the holidays part of our food and music series; and a new video of our popular podcast with Dr. Micah Goodman and his take on contemporary issues in Israeli society.
We look forward to seeing you!
Most importantly, I wish you and all our friends a happy and healthy New Year!
David Rozenson

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The Destination of Prayers
A Virtual Tour of the Western Wall Tunnels
with tour guide Ami Braun
In English | Sunday | Sept. 5 | 8:30pm (1:30pm EDT)
Join us as we virtually walk through and explore the mysteries of the Western Wall Tunnels, including areas that are often difficult to visit
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One of the greatest stories in all of Yiddish Literature 
My Quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner 

Prof. Ruth Wisse and Dr. Asael Abelman
Chaim Grade's masterpiece illuminates the debate at the very center of Jewish modernity. Don’t miss a discussion that presents an analysis that makes Grade’s work as important and as relevant today as when it was first written.
To download Ruth Wisse's seminal introductory essay
and her new translation that first appeared in Mosaic, please press here >>
Sunday | September 12 | 1pm EDT (8pm Israel)
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Yom Kippur and Sefer Bereshit
Ancient Traditions and the Lessons for Today

Rabbi Shai Finkelstein
The Book of Jubilee brings ancient traditions of Yom Kippur and its connection to
Sefer Bereshit. Adopted and altered by the sages and modern commentators, these changes enrich our understanding and meaning of Yom Kippur 
In English I Tuesday I September 14 I 8pm Israel (1pm EDT)
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Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
A Special Virtual Tour for Sukkot with Ami Braun
Join as pilgrims on an adventurous journey with our ancestors to the Temple
and learn about their experiences. What games did they play along the way?
Where did they camp at night? Whom did they meet upon arriving in Jerusalem?
In English | Sunday| September 19 | 8:30pm (1:30pm EDT)
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Who by Fire
Studying Leonard Cohen
Journalist and musician David Peretz
A three-part series that focuses on Leonard Cohen’s works and poems through the study of Cohen’s texts, references, compositions and outlook in the eyes of Jewish texts and sources
In Hebrew I Sundays I Sept. 5, 12, and 19 I 8:30pm Israel (1:30pm EDT)
New Morning Series!
Jonah the Prophet:
Between Truth and Compassion
Dr. Yoshi Farjun
The new morning series focuses on the story of Jonah that begins with a bitter struggle for dignity and ends with a profound lesson in the place of love and compassion

In Hebrew I Sun.-Thurs I Sept. 9-19 I 9am Israel 
Meetings with Israeli Authors
and Literary Personalities
Literary scholar Bilha Ben Eliyahu meets with Israeli authors and literary personalities to discuss their books,
the Jewish/Israeli bookshelf and the upcoming Jewish holidays
In honor of
Yom Kippur:
Israeli author and literary critic
Michal Ben-Naftali 

In Hebrew I  Thursday I Sept.
9 I 8pm Israel
(1pm EDT)
In honor of
Israeli journalist and film director Rino Tzror 

In Hebrew I Thursday I Sept. 23 I 8pm Israel (1pm EDT)
In honor of
Simchat Torah:
Israeli literary critic and commentator Dr. Omri Herzog 
In Hebrew I Thursday I Sept. 30 I 8pm Israel (1pm EDT)
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Hebrew-language Book Launch  
Matti Friedman’s
Who By Fire:
Leonard Cohen in the Yom Kippur War
In his powerful new book, Matti Friedman traces Leonard Cohen’s strange and fascinating concert tour in the 1973 war, examining the deep imprint left by the war on Cohen's life and the complex relationship the musician had with his Jewish roots and with Israel
The Hebrew-language launch features: leading journalist and translator of Leonard Cohen’s lyrics into Hebrew Kobi Meidan, Israeli singer Aya Korem and author Matti Friedman
In Hebrew I Thursday I Sept. 9 I 8pm Israel (1pm EDT)
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Special for Tishrei
Launch of the latest publication in The Avi Chai Library
Ecclesiastes - A New Israeli Commentary
by Avigdor Shinan
Prof. Avigdor Shinan, Prof. Yair ZakovitchEsther Ettinger, Dr. Rubik RosenthalMeytal Blumenthal-GordonTamar Stampfer
and Ruhama Raz
Celebrate Jewish Holidays with Art
A new episode of Beit Avi Chai and the Israel Museum’s video series that celebrates Jewish holidays with objet d’art drawn from the Museum’s collections.
The special Rosh Hashanah episode focuses on the story of the Binding of Isaac with its complexity expressed in art and photography.
Celebrate with
Food and Music! 
A new episode of Beit Avi Chai’s online project for Jewish holidays for Rosh Hashanah features Israeli master chef Hedai Offaim and Israeli composer/musician Miki Gavrielov in a special program that moves between cultures, preparing special delicacies for the New Year, poetry, music, and holiday recipes.
The Thought Party:
Great Ideas Behind Israeli Politics
A special video edition of Beit Avi Chai’s popular podcast presents a fascinating presentation as Dr. Micah Goodman explains Israel’s acute paradox:
 Israelis find themselves agreeing with each other more than ever and yet, at the same time, also hating each other more than ever. How is this possible? And can this startling political paradox be used to create policy that will better the Jewish State?
I am Filled with Love
Beit Avi Chai`s Vocal Ensemble | Lyrics and Melody : Arcadi Duchin
Wishing you a healthy and sweet New Year!
Shanah Tova from Beit Avi Chai!
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