• What: 3 Sessions, 90 minutes each, via Zoom 
  • When: Mon-Wed 18/1/2021, 19/1/2021, 20/1/2021.
  • Time: 11:00-12:30 (GMT+2)

In this workshop, you'll get familiar with tools that make public-speaking an authentic and lively experience. We will discover many options and nuances that you can 'play with' to enhance your public speaking skills in your own special way. 

Session #1:
Everything you wanted to know about public speaking
✓ Introduction: the psychology of movement
✓ The truth about what happens between you and your audience when giving a pitch
✓ Dealing with stage-fright
✓ Tools for upgraded confidence & charisma

Session #2:
Storytelling – turning words into emotions
✓ Playing with voice and speech (prosodia)
✓ Understanding rhythm as a rhetoric tool
✓ "The actions behind the words" (or: how to actually influence your audience)

Session #3:
Getting your message through
✓ Tools for creating an atmosphere and highlighting emotions
✓ BodyTelling ✓ Facts, Senses, Emotions (the triangle model)
✓ How to tell a story in 3D
✓ Workshop summary

The workshop will be led by Ms. Sharon Gidron & Mr. Hillel Cappon, owners of 'The Lab for Public-Speaking', who lead courses and workshops in organizations, with entrepreneurs and in academic institutes.

* The number of participants in this workshop is limited.

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