Dear Friends,
These have not been easy weeks in Israel. Many had to spend nights in special shelters, others nervously going to sleep without knowing what the night may bring. I have spent the mornings driving my children to school so that they would not need to wait for or take city busses – and those in the diaspora stayed glued to their radios, televisions or constantly checking the online news. 
On Yom Yerushalayim, under my office windows, I observed thousands of Israeli schoolchildren, all dressed in blue and white, singing, dancing, the Israeli flag waving in the air with pride and great joy as we celebrated Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people. As the sirens pierced the air, they all needed to quickly escape to nearby shelters – but the cacophony of their jubilant voices continued to fill the streets of Jerusalem.  
The good news is that the situation here in Israel has stabilized. At the same time, there is much work yet to be done to ensure that the events of the past two weeks do not, and cannot, happen again.
Israel must continue to be a country of pride and strength. Alongside this, we must continue to focus on the aspects that also make our nation strong – Jewish culture, history, thought and ideas. This, too, is a critical part of our strength, now and for the future, for us and for our children…
I hope that you will continue to join us!
With warm regards from Jerusalem,
David Rozenson
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Great Moments in the Hebrew Language
Dr. Asael Abelman and Dr. Chanoch Gamliel
Through a close observation of history and an in-depth reading of original texts, language serves as a mirror to critical movements in Jewish history. This new series uncovers the Hebrew language in unexpected and exciting ways
In English | Sunday I May 23
8pm (1pm EDT)
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Between Alexandria  and Jerusalem
In English | Sunday I May 30 I 8pm (1pm EDT)
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How the Gold was Dulled
In English | Sunday I June 6 I 8pm (1pm EDT)
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Rebirth of an Extinct Language
In English | Sunday I June 13 I 8pm (1pm EDT)
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In preparation for the Three Weeks
From Glory to Destruction
Virtual tour with Ami Braun
Join us as we walk through Biblical stories with Chana, Shmuel and Eli the High Priest of Shiloh.
We will explore the city of Shiloh and the site of the Tabernacle (Mishkan) in its glory and in its destruction.
Sunday I June 20th I 8pm (1pm EDT)
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 Parashat Hashavua
Dr. Avivah Zornberg
Threading through these last Torah Portions of the book of Numbers is the theme of language. Moses and the people confront their own bewilderments about speaking and mis-speaking. If the Egyptian exile is to be healed, the exile of language will have to be overcome.
Parashat Chukat

In English | Wed I June 16 I 7pm (12pm EDT)
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In English | Wed I June 23 I 7pm (12pm EDT)
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Parashat Pinchas
In English | Wed I June 30 I 7pm (12pm EDT)
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Parashat Mattot/Massei
In English | Wed I July 7 I 7pm (12pm EDT)
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New Morning Series!
Between Babylon and the Land of Israel
Controversy, Ideology and Social Debates 
Prof. Isaiah Gafni
The sages of Babylon and the Land of Israel often left behind parallel stories about figures from the days of the Mishnah and the Talmud.
A closer reading of the different versions of the plot makes it possible to uncover contradictory, and even polemical, trends between the two powerful centers.
In Hebrew I May 20 – June 10 I 9am Israel time
New Season!
Beit Avi Chai from The Israel Museum
Not Just the Weekly
Torah Portion
Each week, Prof. Avigdor Shinan meets a different curator in the Israel Museum Galleries to delve into the Torah portion, alongside a guided tour of special exhibits and artwork
In Hebrew I Fridays I 11am
Rosh Chodesh Treasures
For Lovers of Tanakh
Educator Shai Gillis hosts author Orit Gidali to focus on the biblical character of Jonathan
In Hebrew I Wednesday I June 16 I 9pm Israel I 2pm EDT
Comics in
Blue and White!

Artist Nadav Nachman

An interactive experience where children learn to draw and illustrate their personal stories
In Hebrew | Every Monday at 6pm Israel time (11am EST)
Eretz Hefer
A Journey into Important Archeological
Discoveries in Israel 
The first season of Beit Avi Chai’s new series closes with a program focusing on one of the hottest topics in Israeli archeology: the Book of Deuteronomy and the antiquities dealer Moses Wilhelm Shapira
The Pirates of
Dr. Amir Ganor
Israel Antiquities Authority
In Hebrew I Tues I June 1 I 5pm Israel (10am EDT)
For More Information
The Hidden Book of Deuteronomy
Prof. Israel Knohl
Hebrew University
In Hebrew I Tues I June 15 I 5pm Israel (10am EDT)
For More Information
Jerusalem of Gold
Virtual tour with tour guide
Ami Braun
Explore Israel's preemptive air force strike against the Egyptian air force and battles of Jerusalem.
Watch Now
Hebrew Manuscript Treasures in St. Petersburg and Other Collections 
Prof. Shimon Iakerson
Discover the most famous Hebrew text in the world with an introduction and survey of The Leningrad Codex 
Watch Now
Why Study?
Prof Alice Shalvi and Rabbi Tamar Elad Appelbaum
 On the importance of learning for women, the Jewish people and for all mankind
Watch Now
The Zionist Movement through Hebrew poetry:
Tchernichovsky and Jabotinsky
 Dr. Asael Abelman
During the period of the pioneering aliyahs, a new educational and cultural system arose to create a new Hebrew generation.
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