Chasing Away Shameless EU Colonialists
Last week, European Union officials had the chutzpah to hold a tour of the "East" Jerusalem neighborhood Givat HaMatos in order to criticize Israel for its plans to build an additional 1,257 homes in the neighborhood.
But instead of allowing the EU officials to shamelessly tell us where we can or cannot build in our capital city, our activists turned the tables on them.
We filmed each of their faces for everyone to see and even succeeded in chasing them away.
The four videos we filmed from the encounter were viewed on Facebook alone more than 175,000 times (!), and our activities were widely covered by the media, including in one of Germany's largest papers.
It's important to note that although emotions were high, our activists remained calm and composed throughout the encounter, and there were no physical altercations whatsoever.
Combating Foreign Government Intervention in the Knesset
At the exact same time as our activists were chasing away EU officials in Givat HaMatos, we were participating in a hearing of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on the intervention of foreign governments.

Watch Members of Knesset Keti Shitrit and Amit Halevi talking in the committee about Im Tirtzu's work:
MK Amit Halevi
MK Keti Shitrit
Send a Chanukah Gift to IDF Soldiers!
Chanukah is fast approaching – jelly donuts, latkas, and gifts galore. But while we will be celebrating, thousands of IDF soldiers will be on guard duty protecting Israel.
That is why we are raising money to hand deliver sufganiyot (traditional jelly donuts) and other goodies to IDF soldiers on Chanukah.
Make a modest donation and help spread the Chanukah joy to Israel’s brave soldiers – it’s the least we can do!
Exposing Jordanian-Backed NGO Working Against Druze Enlistment
The latest report by our Arab Desk found that a Jordanian backed organization in Israel is illegally working to discourage Druze youth from enlisting in the IDF.
Now that we exposed this group, we will keep working hard to ensure that they are held accountable.
Giving Back to Our Soldiers
Kudos to our amazing activists from Ariel University who traveled this week across Samaria distributing coffee and cakes to IDF soldiers on guard duty!
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Watch: Im Tirtzu Talks with the American Friends of the Likud
Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg and Chairman of the Board Douglas Altabef gave a talk last week via Zoom to the American Friends of the Likud.

You can watch the full talk here.
Read the Latest Op-Ed From Im Tirtzu's Board Chairman Douglas Altabef
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