Good News at Arugot! 

 Dear Friends,
The opening of the new school year is behind us
and we have good news to report.
The establishing of a 4th Developmental Preschool
is a significant milestone.
Our Afula branch is thriving with 50 children
who come weekly for therapies and a long waiting list.
Events for adults have generated much interest.

With winter upon us, we wish you,our friends,
an abundance of rain that will bring forth
blessed growth in the fields outside.
It is our hope that the scope of our work will reach new heights.
With warm wishes, 
                  Jeremiah Lubasch, MD                                        Jacob Vizel 
                     President & Founder                                            Director   
Introducing: Gan Telamim

We are proud to announce the opening of a 4th Developmental Preschool, which is part of our network of special-ed. preschools for children with developmental delays.

Picture of some of the children in preschool during an hour of creativity

 Mrs. Mirit Levy, Preschool Director, shares: The good news is that we are able to answer a real need in the community. Long waiting lists and requests from parents to register their children for our preschools persuaded Municipal authorities that Arugot has the professional knowledge and experience to run this venture. Arugot's specialty and proven success in helping children with delays, overcome their problems – be that in the area of speech, sensory motor development, or behavior is well renowned. At present 13 children are housed in a temporary location, while we renovate and equip new premises at a cost of NIS 200,000. We continue our tradition: "when you sow with tears, you reap with songs of joy".

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Afula's Mayor Participated in a Ceremony to Inaugurate the New Afula Branch of Arugot

In a ceremony to celebrate the inauguration of the new branch in Afula, Mr. Yitzchak Miron, Mayor of Afula, cut the ribbon at the entrance saying: "Arugot's work is impressive, we will continue to work together, cooperating and expanding, for the benefit of the children and their families".

Picture: Mr. Yitzchak Miron, Mayor and Mr. Jacob Vizel, Arugot Director – At the Reception
Picture: Mr. Yitzchak Miron, Mayor and Mr. Jacob Vizel - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Picture: Mr. Gidon Porat, Board Director of Community Centers and Mr. Jacob Vizel – Unveiling Ceremony.

Mr. Yitzchak Miron, Mayor of Afula, together with distinguished members of the community:  Mr. Moshe Levy, Deputy Mayor, Mr. Aryeh Banino, Senior Advisor, Mr. Eli Banias, Head of Municipal Social Services, Mr. Gidon Porat, Board Director of Community Centers, Mr. Daniel Ben, Community Center Director, and more, participated in a ceremony to mark the inauguration of Arugot's branch in Afula. The participants took a close-up look at the therapy rooms and showed their appreciation for the major investment and important work carried out by Arugot. With so much effort and devotion, the results can only be positive.

And the tune goes on and on…

We recently established a Music Therapy room at our Centers in both Haifa and Afula. The rooms were equipped with a range of musical instruments in sizes that are suitable for young children. Generous donors and friends of Arugot funded the purchase of the instruments.

Picture: Music Room

Music Therapy is a mode of psychotherapy using musical instruments to create music in a therapeutic setting. The language of music is universal. It  serves as a tool for self-expression, coping with emotions and dealing with ongoing trauma - for people who have difficulty expressing themselves in words. Musical involvement in therapy enables the client to strengthen his abilities and transfer those strengths to other areas in life. Music Therapy contributes to improved mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Educational and Empowering Evening for Mothers in Afula

Over 150 mothers participated in an educational and empowering evening for mothers in the community, which was informative, stimulating and moving.

 Picture of hall filled to capacity

The evening began with introductory remarks by Mr. Jacob Vizel, Arugot Director and Mrs. Pnina Berkowitz, Director and CEO of the Center. Participants were given the opportunity to hand in written questions about their difficulties in child raising and received informative replies on the spot, including advice with practical tips and when to turn to help from professionals. This was followed by an evening of entertainment, which evoked both laughter and tears.

Mrs. Pnina Berkowitz: "Part of our vision is empowering the mother in the family. When mothers have a positive feeling of self-worth, they are able to give more to their children. We organize evenings for mothers a few times a year, sometimes for mothers of children in our preschools and therapy center, while other evenings are open to the public. We integrate the professional aspect of our work with enjoyable entertainment and the feedback is always positive. The participation of so many women shows us that people are thirsty for information about our services."

Orientation Day for Therapy Center Staff

The staff in the Assessment and Therapy Center gathered for a day of professional training in preparation for the new school year.

The staff at Arugot Assessment and Therapy Center, comprising remedial teachers, emotional therapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists, gathered for a day of orientation on the topic of: "Bringing the School into our Work" in order to strengthen the ties between Arugot and the schools children attend. The success of work at Arugot is dependent on the cooperation of all professionals who meet the child. This year, the administration and staff will emphasize working together with school principals, counselors and teachers.

Story of the Month

Expressing emotions

Picture: Psychodrama Therapy, not connected to information in newsletter
As a result of a tragic car accident and the loss of their father, the children of the A. Family come to Arugot for group therapy using a model called "Siblings Therapy" - facilitated by a psychodrama therapist and an occupational therapist. The goal of their therapy sessions is to integrate the tragedy and gain coping skills. The children are able to express themselves non-verbally using a range of art materials and towards the end of each session they share their feelings. Mrs. A. told us that "before everything changed" the family was well functioning and emotionally stable, expressing emotions wasn’t always necessary. All of a sudden, her children were confronted with unknown emotions such as the pain of loss, anger, confusion, and frustration – feelings and words unknown to them. In therapy, they are learning to be open about feelings that might appear negative. The place for such emotions is recognized and expressing them is part of the healing process.
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