Passover 2022 (5782)
 Passover - the Spring Festival of Hope and Freedom:
Meet 23 year old Shira Tsubari and her 19 year old brother Elkana. They completed a challenging and emotional year making the transition from living in an institution to community living in an AKIM apartment in Tel Aviv.

Though Shira and Elkana will not elaborate with words, their joy from the move to the independence of community living, can be seen on the glow of their faces and in their eyes.

Their mother Tamara elaborates: “In each child there exists great potential waiting to be fulfilled at the personal and social levels.  As parents, we just have to listen to our children, follow our inner voice and act upon it.  I thank AKIM’s dedicated staff for their guidance and support along the way.”

Wishing you a joyous festival of freedom, one full of renewal, fulfilment and inclusion.
Sigal Peretz Yahalomi, CEO
Rabbi Dr. Binyamin (Benny) Lau, Chairman
Jack Frohlich, Director of International Relations

 929 - Including Everyone in the Study of Tanach  

Project 929, under the direction of AKIM Chairman Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau, offers thousands of participants the chance to rediscover the riches of the bestselling book in history and open their eyes to novel approaches.   
This week, AKIM in partnership with 929, launched an engaging weekly Zoom-based class for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

New Community Center in Ramla
AKIM recently dedicated a beautiful new facility in Ramla to serve as a community center and a hub for inclusive activities. It will be utilized by the municipal music conservatory who will train together with the AKIM Percussion Ensemble.

At the event, AKIM's 'Yakir' Award was presented to Ramla Mayor Michael Vidal and his wife Irit (president of AKIM Ramla), for their dedication to improving the lives of Ramla citizens. T
he Municipality played a key role in making the center a reality together with the tireless efforts of AKIM Ramla Chairman Benny Farjoon.
 ​           A New Seniors Program   
AKIM recently opened a new center for seniors in in Kibbutz Merhavia in the Jezreel Valley. 
The new center provides a solution for Afula-area seniors with intellectual disabilities in need of  activities tailored to their age and health situation. The center is located in a pastoral, quiet neighborhood and is offering  inclusive programming in the Kibbutz in response to needs and requests. The participants return to their family homes with a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.
News in Brief:
  • New community center in Nof Ayalon - Akim is opening a clubhouse in the towm "Nof Ayalon" in cooperation with "Eitanim BaDerech". Operations will be directed by AKIM Modiin-Maccabim-Reut chapter led by Chairman Haim Doak and will offer recreational activities for children and adults in the afternoons.
  • A new afternoon program in Tiberias – As part of AKIM's activities in the Tiberias and Kinneret region, a new afternoon program was launched two months ago at the "Dekalim" Special Education School. This is an important framework for 16 students aged 6-21 and their families. 
  • New group of "Equals in Uniform" recruits – Students from the Kfar Blum School in the north recently began their basic training at the Yiftach base. They were greeted with a warm embrace from the commander and staff who were eager to assist with their absorption into the IDF.  We wish them much success!
  • Launch of a new program to promote a healthy lifestyle - the AKIM Yavne Branch was selected to participate in the pilot of the 'Aban' program with the goal of making knowledge about a healthy lifestyle accessible to people with intellectual disabilities. The program is offered in cooperation with the JDC, Community Centers Network, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Security, the Ministry of Health and AstraZeneca corporation. 
AKIM's Vision:
To make Israeli society a better place for people with intellectual disabilities and their families: inclusive, warm and respectful, facilitating self-realization while acknowledging the importance of diversity and equal opportunity.