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 Vol.20 - October 25, 2021

An annual budget increase of 22 million NIS will be given to the daycare centers for people with intellectual disabilities and autism

Left: MK Yurai Lahav Hertzno, Center: Alona Segal, Right: the Minister of Welfare and Social Security, Meir Cohen
Good news: The Minister of Welfare and Social Security, Meir Cohen, announced an annual budget increase of NIS 22 million for the daycare centers. The budget increase will be allocated to 1,000 people with intellectual disabilities and 800 people with autism. The increase is intended for investment in life skills development and learning and in favor of improving the quality of content in day centers.
The minister also announced that the payment currently made by parents of people with intellectual disabilities, which currently stands at 10 percent of the disability allowance as a monthly participation fee for the centers, will also be reduced, thanks to NIS 5 million allocated for the benefit.
Akim promoted the issue at a meeting held at Beit Akim with MK Yurai Lahav Hertzno and the P.T. Forum and later at meetings between Akim chairman Rabbi Benny Lau and Akim CEO Sigal Peretz Yahalomi and Minister Cohen.
Friends, these are real achievements that will improve the quality of service to the people in the day centers and will significantly help our families! Our thanks to the Minister of Welfare and Social Security, Meir Cohen, to MK Yurai Lahav Herzno, to the people with disabilities in the Ministry of Welfare, and to all our members in the social organizations that are partners in this significant endeavor.
Great success for Akim advocacy:
The Ministry of Education will fund transportation for students with disabilities!
Rinat, a person with intellectual disabilities living in Mazkeret Batya, is studying at Belkind School in Rishon Lezion and needs transportation back and forth. After joining existing transportation from the community for years, it was decided this year that she could no longer use this transportation.
The family turned to Akim's legal department and after it filed an administrative petition in the matter, the Ministry of Education was quick to correct the injustice and now Rinat enjoys transportation from her home to school every day.

Meet "The Studio" - Akim's new program in Ashdod for art studies

"The Studio" - is Akim's new program in Ashdod for art studies.
The "studio" will allow people with disabilities to take part in a rich and varied biennial program, to learn, develop and exhaust their skills in a variety of art fields. The program works in collaboration with Akim, the Ashdod Municipality, the Ashdod Municipal Leisure Culture Society, the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, and the Ashdod Museum.
Akim is opening a variety of new services in the community in the north of the country
Among the new services that have been opened: a day center and alumni club in Bueina Nujidat, day extensions in special education in Tiberias, Carmiel, and El Batuf. At the same time, Akim is launching new employment frameworks in the free market as part of Akim's and the Ministry of Welfare's MH"R plants, including the Galilon Hotel, the Ruth Dan Hotel, and in Mudgal factory in the Upper Galilee.
And how can one finish without our champion volunteers
From "Equal in uniform"
The "Equal in Uniform" program, operated by Akim in cooperation with the IDF and the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, continues to lead the field and integrate young men and women with intellectual disabilities in significant service in the army, in a variety of roles.
Among the bases where volunteers were integrated: Hatzerim and Natan in the Southern District, Palmachim, Hatzor, Merom and Tel Nof in the Shefela District, Aviv and Dolphin Base in the Central District, Amiad, Philon, and Yiftah in the Northern District and for the first time three volunteers were absorbed into Beit Lid commando base in the Hasharon district. Well done!
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