Words of change, Vol. 2 2016
Institute for Democratic Education

A new calendar year is just around the corner, bringing new trends with it. We are bringing you the next generation of IDE activity, especially our work on the current challenges of Israeli society  –  through our worldview in the many areas in which the IDE is involved.

Happy new year

Dear friends and partners,

Just before the end of this calendar year and the beginning of a new one, we are pleased to share with you some of the diverse activities undertaken by the IDE.
At this time, when democracy both as a concept and as a living culture is being challenged, in Israeli society as well as elsewhere in the world, we continue to operate in a variety of arenas to create a democratic life; one that connects and mediates between those who are different –  individuals and communities; creating spaces in which to participate; building relationships and mutual responsibility between citizens and governance; encouraging initiative and social action that changes and creates a better world – through dialog, respect for the individual and the community, solidarity and responsibility for all of its members.
The challenge is considerable, and we find that the tools and principles by which we operate truly produce change in the different locations in which we function, and beyond.
In the spirit of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, it is our belief that a lot of lights connected together can overcome the darkness . . .  we perceive our work to be part of the possible emergence of a great light created by partnership between a large number of organizations and individuals – you, us, all of us together – and we will continue to act in this spirit.
To continued partnership and welcome activities,
Happy Holidays ,


Michal Gilboa Atar and Yotam Tron
Co-Executive Directors
Institute for Democratic Education


Why is democracy so important?


A lot of people ask us, "How are you democratic"? or: “What is the connection between educational and community activities, and the system of government"? 


It is true that the interpretation of the concept of democracy is broad; there is representative, there is liberal, there is republican and there are yet more to come...  So what is it that we are referring to?

Let’s try to make some sense of it ...

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IDEC –  The alternative of the alternatives


What happens when people who think differently meet other people who think differently? When the leading minds in the world of alternative education get together? The upcoming IDEC Conference is a huge celebration of educational innovation for anyone involved in education, but that's not all.


This is an international festival of creative education where the public is also invited to present their theories, and in which even families and children can participate.

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What is involved in the pioneer program?


Separation into educational streams, creating a structured separation between children and educators in the various populations within Israeli society – there are simply no meeting points.


Recently, with the entry of schools and pioneers from the various sectors into the Educational Pioneer Program, an interesting phenomenon has started taking shape before our eyes. So we decided to take it another step forward.

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Graduates lead the way


The "Incubator" track for Social and Educational Entrepreneurship at Seminar Hakibbutzim College, and the “Shvilim” (paths) track at Kaye College, both have a long tradition of turning out graduates of high standard who integrate into the education system with progressive educational mindsets and with an entrepreneurial agenda. We went to check where they had ‘ended up’, and we would like you to become acquainted with the next generation of social educators.

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The Big Picture changes paradigms... 

Big Picture Learning is an organization founded twenty years ago in the United States with the objective of changing the perception of learning in schools. The initial activity was the establishment of a school for youth at risk, which was the foundation of the International Network in the USA and in other countries.
Ostensibly a puzzling decision, as usually alternative education is considered to be elitist. The combination of a social justice mindset together with the desire for a change in education earned the organization numerous awards for its work and turned it into an influential international educational movement.
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