6Words of change, Vol. 6 January 2018

Dear partners,

The term ‘hot season’ always has a double-meaning at this time of the year: the sun is blazing outside, and we’re intensively working and creating – harvesting the crops of another year, sowing the seeds of the future.
The institute’s activities and operations all aim to impact and influence life in Israeli society – to create a society that espouses a democratic, inclusive, dialogical, cooperative and activist worldview.
This newsletter is full of new spirits and winds of innovation, bringing our worldview to various applications –
Young and active institute alumni changing society and education, a new city that we are excited to help design and form its educational programs, pioneers bringing Zionism to rejuvenating youth villages, and teachers and schools lowering the walls of separation and transforming community experts to mentors.
May we continue to thrive, influence, change, renew, and create a worthy democratic society.
Have a great summer,

Michal Gilboa-Ater and Yotam Tron,
Co-CEOs, The Democratic Institute

Village Pioneer: Expanding Operations

The Village Pioneer Program is expanding, and this year has already been active in six youth villages. This is an organizational, pedagogical and educational model that encompasses the entire youth village.

“Adolescents deserve to grow up in a sane world, alongside adults who understand them.” -Tali Holan and Lior Levitan

Harish: A Good Place to Grow Up In

How an inspiring meeting between two dedicated educators and Harish’s Department of Education came to create a flourishing Junior High. Two 7th grade classes and one 8th grade class will open this coming September.

Good Mentor – Life Mentor

The Alumni Society of the Democratic Institute sums up a year of achievement: Mentoring as a Pedagogic Tool

Over the past year, more than 30 of our graduates served as mentors to students in training. They guided and helped the various ventures started by second and third year students.
These ventures cover various key sectors: at-risk youths, gender, the Arab sector in Israel, education and environment, innovative pedagogy, and more. It is time to conclude our activities, celebrate, pay gratitude, and learn about this wonderful partnership that has greatly contributed to training and the program.

Second Chance, New Beginning

An interview with Ron Pollack, Principal of Dor High School, Herzliya – one of nine schools that entered the Hatchala pilot in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Democratic Institute and JDC Ashalim.

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