Words of change, Vol. 5 January 2018

Dear partners,

This coming spring, we wish that society at large will enjoy the blessed renewal, freedom and growth;
That we will all recognize the wonderful opportunity for revival and prosperity in the abundance and variety of the Israeli society, and in the dialogue between all people, groups and communities.
It is the privilege of all of us to influence and facilitate growth;
It is our choice to act and to spread good.
We wish for days of peace and freedom for all parts of society, citizens as well as guests, and to its neighbors:
A happy Passover
A happy Easter
And to you and your families – a great spring!!

Michal Gilboa Ater and Yotam Tron 

Co-Executive Directors
Institute for Democratic Education

They deserve it!

In March 14, 2018, the formal Community Education Award ceremony was held in Jerusalem, where Holon and Ra'anana teams received their well-deserved awards. Ms. Merav Bareket, IDE's educational program manager in Holon, Ms. Noa Zandbenk, IDE's educational program manager in Ra'anana and Ms. Dorit Ben Yehuda, manager of the institute's municipal division, joined them.  

Educational innovation out, public alternative in

In recent years, countless educational innovation projects and programs have taken our schools by storm. Having promoted progressive education in the public educational system, we see it as a blessing.
Many schools have become a more enjoyable space for students and teachers alike. 

The south region of the Institute of Democratic Education (IDE) – or how a diverse eco-system of groundbreaking educators is created

In the last seven years, the IDE has been working with the Kaye College on training and supporting groundbreaking innovative educators in Israel's southern region.

The Negev enjoys some interesting advantages when it comes to adopting educational innovation. Being far from the center of the country means more freedom of action.

Participation leadership from birth

Public educational systems provide a partial solution for birth-3 children and their parents.
At these ages, parents require a lot of help and support from their community, and it is our responsibility as a society to provide a quality and compassionate educational system for these very young children and their parents. 

Donate. Make a difference today

The IDE is a registered non-profit organization.
To be part of our alliances please contact: Shiri Falk-Neikrug

[email protected]972-505-415-912

Donations from the USA are welcome through PEF ("Institute for Democratic Education") or UIA. Association number 580330660. 

All donations will receive tax benefit and are highly appreciated.

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