Words of change, Vol. 1 2016
Institute for Democratic Education

Dear ,

We are pleased to launch the first newsletter of the Institute for Democratic Education.

In the midst of a highly complex period, many events around the world are challenging democratic structures and changing power relations. In Israel too we are facing both challenges and opportunities.

In this newsletter, we would like to update you on several new processes we are developing and leading:

  • Systemic groundbreaking work by way of Early Childhood Education
  • New teacher training processes which are having an impact on the Negev region.
  • Another groundbreaking educational model we are helping to bring to Israel.
  • A pioneer educational program that creates a real opportunity for equality in education, and more… 

​Thank you for your partnership in this journey. We look forward to strengthening bonds and to joint creation of new journeys that favor the building of an exemplary Israeli society.


Michal Gilboa Atar and Yotam Tron
Co-Executive Directors
Institute for Democratic Education


We are inspired by our vision

We believe that a democratic society is based not only on democratic
procedures, but also on a democratic culture of living, which is rooted in the human rights charter.

In a democratic culture, the community is responsible for enabling expression of each person’s uniqueness. It should advance cooperation between parties, enhance reciprocal relations between the individual, the community and its surroundings, and in this manner seeks to create a society of equals, that is fair, growing and sustainable. 

Project Focus

1st Century Pioneers

The teachers of tomorrow

Shiri Falk Neikrug


Excitement is in the air, smart clothes, fresh fragrances, pupils standing erect in white shirts, with yarmulkes on their heads, most of them of Ethiopian origin.


They stride along the path. Alongside them, soldiers, parents, siblings, teachers, the principal…


They slowly gather in the schoolyard of the Amit Dvir state-religious school for boys in the town of Beit Shemesh, and from there they all walk together...

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Please Meet

Ran Cohen Harounoff

Director of Early Childhood Education


Ran lives near Jerusalem with his wife and three children. He holds a Master's degree in Education from Ben Gurion University, where he specialized in curricula and teaching.

More recently, at the Ofek Institute in Tel Aviv, he studied Organizational Consulting and Development using a psychoanalytical- systemic approach. He earned his B.Ed. in Early Childhood Education at the David Yellin Academic College of Education in Jerusalem.

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Professional Spotlight

"You and I will change the world"

From passivity to change leadership among preschoolers

Dr. Anat Porat and Ran Cohen Harounoff

Every morning, on their way to the Almog preschool in Holon, a city in the center of Israel, the children came across stray cats. The children became interested in the cats and their teacher, because she loved animals and because she listened to the children, thought this would be an excellent opportunity for them to get to know this animal they saw every day from a different perspective. 

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Tidbits from the field

Projects and activities from around the world

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IDE collaboration

The Many Faces of the Educator Movement

IDE plays a major role in teachers training in partnership with the Ministry of Education.
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