Difficulties & Hope - Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

The story of Lilach

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) has become a growing major issue in the lives of many couples worldwide, when almost 50% of them do not have etiology. In addition, other aspects are controversial.
The main reason for this is that RPL deals with interdisciplinary approaches, from physical/clinical conditions to mental/emotional conditions.
This is the story of Lilach. 
"My name is Lilach. I am 39  years old. I lived in Brooklyn USA for 12 years. After a long period trying to conceive, during which I went through several miscarriages, I decided to leave the United States and start a follow up treatment in the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic in Soroka University Medical center under Prof. Asher Bashiri supervision.
In 6 years I went through 8 cycles of IVF treatments, and 3 pregnancy losses which involved also surgical procedures.
Thanks to Prof. Asher Bashiri, I was sent to do a series of comprehensive tests which resulted in a discovery of a problem I have with excessive coagulation- APS. From that moment on, I was treated with Anti-thrombotic medicine - Clexane and Aspirin.   Later on, under extensive evaluation I found out that I suffer from a thyroid functional problem that required a very careful balance of medications.
I want to emphasize it again, that before Prof. Bashiri took my case into his hands, and during the years I experienced pregnancy losses one after the other without evaluation,  I could not get a medical explanation to my problem, and I did not know what treatment was right for me.
It was disheartening and worrying. I really felt helpless and lost.
Before the beginning of my 4th pregnancy attempt ,I was instructed about all the medical treatment I should take, as well as to rest in a calm environment. I was closely monitored by Prof. Bashiri every 3 weeks.   My pregnancy ended up successfully in 38 weeks after having a Caesarean section due to labor difficulties.
My daughter is now 3 months old, and I am happy that I was diagnosed and succeeded in mapping the specific treatment that eventually suited me and led me to motherhood.
I think that too many women & couples go through un necessary pregnancy losses. Experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss is something that can be avoided by preliminary checkups and individual treatments.
I would like to thank Prof. Asher Bashiri from the deep of my heart for his warm encouragement, professional attitude and treatment!"

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