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CONy Epilepsy Section Heads
Michael Sperling
Joanna Jedrzejczak
Epilepsy Debates
Can psychogenic seizures be reliably diagnosed by observing behavior or should continuous EEG always be required?
Can we rely upon fMRI to localize verbal memory when planning epilepsy surgery?
When using combination antiepileptic drug therapy, should we preferentially prescribe drugs with different mechanisms of action, or is mechanism of action irrelevant to outcome?
Is there an advantage to continue trying new antiepileptic drugs indefinitely in refractory patients?
Do antiepileptic drugs increase the risk of depression or suicidality or are we just witnessing the natural history of mood disorders in epilepsy when depression occurs?
Should we preferentially use vagus nerve stimulation early in patients with both seizures and depression?
Special Epilepsy Lecture
Drug Therapy for Epilepsy in the elderly: Elinor Ben Menachem, Sweden
List of Invited Speakers
Ettore Beghi, Italy
Ilan Blatt, Israel
Martin Brodie, UK
Alla Guekht, Russia
Martin Holtkamp, Germany
Joanna Jedrezjcak, Poland
Elinor Ben Menachem, Sweden
Michael Sperling, USA
William Theodore, USA
Manjari Tripathi, India
Other Main Topics

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  Invited Plenary Lectures

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January 6, 2018
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January 20, 2018
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